Things that matter

Dear readers,

I finally decided to make my own blog. In this way, I hope to be able to channel my frustrations into something positive and to learn more about intriguing and worthwhile topics . More importantly, social media nowadays is an extremely important platform to voice opinions and ideas, and while it is not perfect and its use can always be critiqued, it is better than doing nothing at all about the things you care about.

The content of this blog is not fixed, but the overall theme will be that of Empathy and Compassion, whether among humans, or towards other life forms. This is an important feature of the blog: fighting against human rights abuse and advocating for a better status for non-human animals do not mutually exclude each other, as “our compassion and our sense of justice are no finite reservoirs which you should carefully and meticulously divide over various topics and targets“. Moreover, Empathy is a fundamental attitude that expresses itself to all creatures who have interests and which does not stop at the border of species, just as, for human rights, it does not stop at the border of race, gender or sexuality.

I hope you will enjoy reading this,




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