This too shall pass.

From my Instagram @genevavegana

A couple of weeks ago a dear friend put me in a groupchat dedicated to the Deepak Chopra 21 days of abundance challenge. Of the (many) things that resonated with me, this sentence is perhaps what has stayed with me the most.

‘This too shall pass’: whatever it might be, sadness, grief, pain and even happiness and joy. Emotions, feelings and events come and go. Life fluctuates, in all its wonderful good and its bad. This is not a mere possibility, it is a necessity and an inherent quality of the life we live. As the saying goes, there truly is no light without darkness – we live, breathe and feel because of the interplay of all. The appreciation of the great is shaped by the powerful experience of the awful.

This applies equally to our distress and anxiety: this too shall pass. It might not seem like it, and perhaps it feels like you can’t even remember a time where you haven’t felt this way -believe me I know- but this state of being is not permanent, because nothing is. Eventually, your mind and your body will restore, in whatever way, and a new cycle will begin. All you can do is sit tight, be patient and experience your emotions – even if that’s perhaps the most difficult challenge of all.


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