We are in this together.

From my IG @genevavegana

As a deep transformation in myself is unfolding, I am letting this blog transform with me. I want to continue building a project here which is close to my heart – and which is why I started this blog in the first place – namely the radical idea of empathy, of connection and of compassion.

Today I only want to remind you of this simple truth: you are not alone. I know, – trust me – that whatever you are going through, be it related to loss, health, family, finances or other, the experience feels gruelly lonesome. When I myself am in the depths of an anxiety attack, and while it doesn’t provide a magic cure, it soothes some part of my brain to know that I am not the first nor the last person who is going through this experience.

My mental health has taken a huge hit in the last couple of months and, in finding the path back to myself, I hope that this message and discussions to follow will resonate with and support others – because in the end: we are not alone ♥️


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